Sounds Of Mars (Kontakt) Crack 2022 Portable Free Download

Sounds Of Mars (KONTAKT) is Here! Hints of Mars are structured by 20+ sound originators cooperatively and accompany a wild motor that can even play itself.

Sounds of Mars (Kontakt) With Crack

For Sounds of Mars Free, Rast Sound teamed up with over 20 sound designers to create a collection of “space” inspired ambiances, pads, synth solo instruments, and textures and then set out to create a Kontakt instrument with the ability to play on its own.

“Do you want to wake up in the morning and to think that the future will be great – and this is the essence of cosmic civilization? It is about believing in the future and thinking that the future will be better than in the past. And I can’t think of anything more exciting than going there and being among the stars. ”

The future is here! Sounds of Mars are developed jointly by over 20 sound engineers and comes with a wild engine that can even play on its own.

Kontakt (full version), a little over 3 GB library, provides a quick and easy way to add futuristic sound effects to your tracks. With Sounds of Mars, you can combine solo instruments, patterns, surroundings and effects through the engine and play 225 preset presets.

From top to bottom you can see the instrument is set up with several FX knobs for a Wormhole, Teleport, Elon Fuzz, Pulsar Rate, and Pulsar Amount controls. These controls are tied to predetermined LFOs that the Rast Sound team has programmed into the instrument. A simple tweak of these controls can add movement and intensity to playback, although the outcome always seems to be a surprise as to how the FX controls will alter each of the samples in playback.

Sounds of Mars “pull-down” sample sets:

In total, Sounds of Mars contains 600 different sound-designed samples.

As shown above, the library loads up 2 different sets of samples with the pull-down menu for left (melodic) and right (sound design) presets. This combination allows for over 225 different sample combination possibilities.

The other unique offering of the Sounds from Mars engine is the “Auto Play” control.

Sounds of Mars Keyboard Split:

As seen in the graphic above, the AutoPlay is a simple button that randomly loads different sample sets from the Sounds of Mars collection and plays back a demonstration of the 2 presets at once. This feature cycles through different random combinations making it an excellent way to preview combinations.

Also, above, you can see that the left (melodic) and right (sound design) sample sets are split across orange and blue keys on the keyboard.

I found the instrument to be exciting and inspiring. During the first look video (at the top) I stopped not once, not twice, but three times to record ideas I had from playing different melodic and sound-designed instruments.

Though I was thrilled with the first look, the one thing I heard throughout playing back the sample set is just how useful these sound designed samples included in the library could be, and how the engine Sounds of Mars is delivered in, Although cleaver and easy to use, limited the possibilities of some of these fantastic samples.

Sounds of Mars includes WAV files of all samples:

Luckily, Rast Sound was kind enough to include all of the samples of the instrument as WAV files which will allow those of use with various wavetable synths (like UVI’s Falcon) or unique sample processing and sound design tools (like iZotope’s Iris 2 or any of the Zynaptiq plugins) to take this collection even farther!

After checking out Rast Sound‘s latest release I’m happy to say that Bowie’s long-contemplated question, “Is their life on Mars?” can be answered with a resounding yes. . . and it is very inspiring and fresh.


Sounds of Mars downloads as 3 GB and contains a collection of sound-designed samples including Solo instrument, patterns, ambiances, and effects. The library contains over 600 Unique Sound Designed Samples created in collaboration with 20 Different Sound Designers.

Sounds of Mars Free Crack is delivered as both a Kontakt Instrument with a complete set of all samples as WAV Files.

Software Information:

  • Rast Sound
  • Sounds Of Mars
  • 3 GB+ Unzipped, 6 GB+ SPACE NEEDED
  • 600+ SAMPLES

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